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Miljenko Jergović

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Miljenko Jergović is a Bosnian and Croatian writer and journalist. He is a member of the PEN Club of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia; laureate of the Mesa Selimovic Award (2007). Being an ethnic Croatian, he grew up in Sarajevo and has been living and working in Zagreb since 1993. Jergović is the most successful writer of the Western Balkans. He is a vivid representative of both Croatian and Bosnian literatures.
Having debuted in 1988 with the poetry collection Observatory Warsaw (Opservatorija Varšava), which received prestigious Balkan awards, he later became the author of numerous poems and short stories. In 1994, he published a book of his stories Sarajevo Marlboro devoted to the "little stories" of Bosnians who live in terrible war. It was this book that brought the writer international recognition. In particular, it received the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize. The novel Srda Sings, at Dusk, on Pentecost (Srda pjeva, u sumrak, na Duhove), released in 2009, received the Polish Angelus Award. The most recent works of the writer are novels Father (Otec, 2010) and Kin (2013). The author’s works are translated into more than twenty languages.

Books in Ukrainian: In 2013, the well-known book Stories about People and Animals translated by K. Kalytko (Tempora Publishing House) was published in Ukrainian. And in 2014, two books were published in Ukraine: Ruta Tannenbaum translated by N. Chorpita (Folio Publishing House) and Srda Sings, at Dusk, on Pentecost (Srda pjeva, u sumrak, na Duhove) translated by K. Kalytko (Tempora publishing house). This year the book Inshallah, Madonna, Inshallah (Inšallah Madona, inšallah) translated by Kateryna Kalytko will be released in the Old Lion Publishing House to be presented at the Book Arsenal.