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Jean-Paul Hirsch


Over the past 27 years, Jean-Paul Hirsch has been working at the Paris-based P.O.L., a publishing house known for its high standards of literature. He is in charge of relations with bookstores and distributors as commercial director and with journalists as press-attache. He is also in charge of e-publications and P.O.L.’s presence on social media.

P.O.L publishes 50 books per year. These are mostly French literature, as well as a number of translated books and books on cinema. High standards mean that, in the process of selecting books to publish, preference is given to the ones that stand out for their literary form rather than storyline. The books published by P.O.L., which is part of the Gallimard publishing group, have won many awards. Its authors include Marie Darieussecq, Emmanuel Carrère, Marguerite Duras, Georges Perec, Nicolas Fargues and others.