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Aleksandr Neklessa


Russian political analyst and economist. Deputy Director of the Institute for Economic Strategies (IES) at the Social Sciences Department, Russian Academy of Sciences. Head of the Geoeconomic Analysis and Social Development Laboratory at the Africa Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences. Head of Geoeconomics, an interdisciplinary center. Fellow of the expert Council on Foreign Policy at the International Affairs Committee of the State Duma (Federal Assembly, Russia) and expert Council for Innovation Policy and Human Potential Development at the Federation Council (Federal Assembly, Russia). Expert at the Center of Strategic Research, Privolzhie Federal District. Fellow of the Academic Council for the History of World Culture, Russian Academy of Sciences. Chairman of the Commission for Socio-Cultural Issues in Globalization, member of the Philosophy and Economy Academic Jury at the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Neklessa’s major field of research is international management systems and trends in global development, including the concept of historical process as a consistent change of self-organisation forms in society, geoeconomic research and structural modelling of socio-economic processes, the post-Westphalian system of international ties as an hierarchic and dynamic system of global management, neo-archaisation of society in the African continent, and others.

Books in Ukrainian: The translation of Aleksandr Neklessa’s The Crisis of History by Myroslav Laiuk will be presented at the Book Arsenal. It is a collection of Neklessa’s different analytical articles on the modern situation in the world. He speaks about hybrid wars, the crisis of transition in the world and toxic statehoods.