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Robert M. Sonntag


The real name of Robert M. Sontag is Martin Schäuble. He worked as a journalist, studied political science in Berlin, Israel and the Palestinian Territories, and received a degree in politics. As the author of popular science books, he was primarily interested in controversial issues of politics, culture and religion. The investigation in the crisis regions and the experience that he received there formed the basis of his novels. For the day, the author has written four popular science works and is working on his third novel.

Books in Ukrainian: During the International Book Arsenal Festival Robert M. Sontag will present his book Die Scanner (The Scanners), which will be published this summer translated by Luyba-Paraskevia Strynadiuk (Discursus publishing house) within the framework of the project of teenagers’ (anti)utopia To the Touch by Goethe-Institut Ukraine.