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Charlotte Kerner


Charlotte Kerner is a writer and author of numerous novels. She studied economics and sociology in Mannheim, later — in Canada and the People's Republic of China. In 1987, she received the German Prize of Literary Works for Young People for the first time with her book Lise, Atomphysikerin: Die Lebensgeschichte der Lise Meitner (Beltz & Gelberg Publishing House). The most famous work of the author is the novel about the future Blueprint-Blaupause, for which she received the national award for the second time. The story of the clone was published in 14 countries, and in 2004 was filmed with Franca Potente in the leading role. Charlotte Kerner is currently working on another text of science fiction.

Books in Ukrainian: During the International Book Arsenal Festival Charlotte Kerner will present her book Blueprint, which will be published this summer translated by Natalka Sniadanko (The Old Lion Publishing House) within the framework of the project of teenagers’ (anti)utopia To the Touch by Goethe-Institut Ukraine.