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Narine Abgarian


Being a writer, member of the board of trustees of the Sosidaniye Charity Fund and a teacher of literary courses Master of Text, Narine Abgarian is a laureate of the Manuscript of the Year Prize for the book Tiny (Maniunia); won the Baby-Noc Prize for the book Semyon Andreevich: A Boy’s Life Chronicles in Scribbles (Semyon Andreevich: Letopis v Karakuliakh); Russian Literary Award named after Alexander Green (2015), winner of the Yasnaya Polyana Prize (Grand Prix and Audience Award) for the book Three Apples Fell From the Sky (S neba upali tri jabloka, 2016).

Books in Ukrainian: Tiny (Maniunia) has already been translated into Ukrainian, Maniunia Writes a Fantasy Novel (Maniunia Pishet FantastichYskiy Roman) and Maniunia, the Anniversary of Ba and Other Excitements (Maniunia, Iubiley Ba i Prochie Trevolneniya). The publishing house Ridna Mova is preparing two new books Three Apples Fell from the Sky and Live Further (Zhyt Dalshe) to be presented at the Book Arsenal Festival.