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Sabine Stöhr


Sabine Stöhr is a translator. She studied Slavic studies, journalism and history of Eastern Europe in Mainz. Since 2004, she has been translating from Ukrainian – prose by Yuriy Andrukhovych as well as works by Serhij Zhadan with Yuriy Durkot. In 2014, Sabine Stöhr received the Johann-Heinrich Voß award from the German Academy of Language and Poetry, in the same year, along with Yuriy Durkot and author Serhij Zhadan, she received the Brücke-Preis Award for the translation of the novel Voroshilovgrad (in German: The History of Jazz in Donbass). In 2018, Sabine Stöhr, along with Yuriy Durkot, was awarded for the translation of the Internat by Serhij Zhadan during the Leipzig Book Fair.