The mission of the Mysteskyi Arsenal is to foster modernization of the Ukrainian society and Ukraine’s integration in the worldwide context based on the axiological [value-based] potential of the culture.

For this we:

  • broach social issues of immediate interest
  • establish productive contacts with the international community
  • introduce outstanding phenomena of artistic and intellectual culture and stimulate their development.

Vision. Mysteskyi Arsenal brings together and develops various arts and cultural practices. The integration takes place through areas-laboratories, which constantly interact. Among the laboratories, there is the Contemporary Art Laboratory, Literature Laboratory, Museum Laboratory etc.

All projects of Mysteskyi Arsenal include a strong educational component. Arsenal acts as a medium between the experts and the general public – it tells about cultural and social phenomena, explains their reasons and trajectories.

The primary building of Mysteskyi Arsenal – Old Arsenal – functions as a multidisciplinary centre. It is the location of:

  • temporary exhibitions
  • permanent exhibition (to be established yet)
  • museum depository
  • theatrical and musical space
  • educational spaces (in particular, for children and teenagers)
  • lecture halls.

The collection of Mysteskyi Arsenal is still being formed. The principle for its formation is based on concentric circles:

  • contemporary Ukrainian art in the centre
  • cultural archive as a supplement.

In our work we value:

  • respect for human dignity
  • solidarity
  • freedom of creativity and personal expression
  • critical and responsible mindset
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