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Zoran Žmirić


Zoran Žmirić is a Croatian writer, musician, columnist and a member of the Croatian Writers' Society. He is author of the books The Shadow Theatre (Kazalište sjena, 2002), Our Time Eaten Away by Pac-Man (Vrijeme koje nam je pojeo Pac-Man, 2005), The Blockbuster (2009; 2012), Rock Hymns of Rijeka (Riječke rock himne, 2011), Dreamtraveler (Snoputnik, 2014), Written by Bullet (Zapisano metkom, 2015).
Zoran Žmirić was awarded with the prize Književno pero (Literary Feather) for the best book of the year 2009/2010 (The Blockbuster) by the Croatian Literary Society. Also he received an annual prize of the City of Rijeka in 2011 for his creative work and achievements in the field of culture during 2010 and was a winner of the competition Super Short Story by CeKaPe (Centre for creative writing) in 2013. His novel The Blockbuster has been translated into Polish, Italian, and Ukrainian (2017).
Books in Ukrainian: The Ukrainian edition of The Blockbuster will be presented during the Book Arsenal Festival 2018 by Fabula publishing house.