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Emilia Dzióbak


Emilia Dzióbak is one of the top Polish illustrators for children’s books and a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. She debuted in 2011. Dzióbak works with many publishing houses for children’s books in Poland and beyond as author and illustrator. These include Nasza Księgarnia, W.A.B., Ezop, Dwie Siostry (cover and illustrations for The Borrowers, the world-famous series of books by Mary Norton), as well as «Fleurus» (France), Bonnier Carlsen (Sweden, illustrations for Martin Widmark’s books), Harper Collins (USA), and others.
Dzióbak holds numerous awards for her illustrations for children’s books, including Literature Award of the Capital City of Warsaw (2014) for illustrations for Proszę mnie przytulić (Hug My Please!) by Przemyslaw Wechterowicz; The Full Stop and Comma award for illustrations for Tru by Barbara Kosmowska (2016); IBBY’s Polish Section award for illustrations for The ABCs of Polish Design (2017) and many more. She has hosted personal exhibitions in Poland and Sweden. In Ukraine, Dzióbak’s illustrations were presented at the III Book Arsenal’s PICTORIC exhibition in 2014.

Books in Ukrainian: Ukrainian publishing houses have published four books with Emilia Dzióbak’s illustrations, including Mom, I Will Tell You What Dinosaurs Do (Lviv, Urbino, 2018; Dzióbak has authored the text as well); Być jak tygrys (The Secret Life of a Tiger) by Przemyslaw Wechterowicz (Lviv, Urbino, 2017); Rok w lesie (A Year in the Forest, The Old Lion Publishing House, 2016); and I Don’t Want to be a Princess (Kharkiv, VD Shkola, 2016).