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Marie Darieussecq


Known mostly as a writer, Darieussecq also worked as a psychotherapist, taught at the Lille 3 University, hosted chronicles at France Culture in 2012, and has been a fellow of the Strategic Research Council since 2014. At the age of 19, Darieussecq won an award for young authors for one of her stories. A boost in her writing career came from the publication in 1996 of Truismes, her first novel that is now a bestseller translated into over 40 languages. She has authored over 20 books ever since, almost all with the P.O.L. publishing house in France. These are mostly novels, as well as a play, a fairy tale, an essay and a translation of Ovid’s Elegies from Latin.

In 2013, Darieussecq received Prix Médicis for Il faut beaucoup aimer les hommes (One Must Love Men A Lot). Her latest novel Notre vie dans les forêts (Our Life in a Forest) was published at P.O.L. in France in 2017. A proactive individual, Darieussecq has been a patron of DES France, a network association of help and information to the victims of distilbène, since 2001, Libraries Without Borders association, and different associations for support of public education. She contributes op-eds to Obs, Beaux Arts Magazine, Charlie Hebdo and Artreview.