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Louis Sanders


Louis Sanders (real name is Élie Robert-Nicoud) is a French writer specializing on criminal novels and literature for children and young people.

After years of study in the UK he started his career as translator and publisher. Life in an English community of the French Dordogne Department inspired the plot of his first detective novel Février (February, 1999) which he published under the pseudonym Louis Sanders used for the first time. He won Gran Prix of the French roman noir at the Cognac Police Film Festival in 2003 for Passe-temps pour les âmes ignobles (Entertainment for Evil Souls, 2002).

A renowned master of thrillers, Louis Sanders is also the author of Les Naufrageurs (Sea Robbers, 2004), an adventure novel, and a number of “small stories noir” for young people. His latest book Scènes de boxe (Boxing Scenes) published under his real name in 2017 speaks about this “noble art” with its beauty and tragedy.