Educational programsEducational

Educational programs

All Mystetskyi Arsenal’s projects have a strong educational component. Arsenal acts as a mediator between experts and the wide audience — talks and explains cultural and social phenomena, their reasons and trajectories. This is the platform for education and interaction for different audiences: adults, kids and teenagers, artists, cultural workers. Comprehensive educational programs within and outside the framework of exhibition, considering the needs all audiences, may include cycles of lectures, discussion platforms, movie screenings, workshops and trainings, author’s and thematic excursions and interactive classes, materials for self-acquaintance with the exposition and also other types of activity with the audience.
Orienting on the mission and values of Mystetskyi Arsenal we changed the typical experience of our visitor — from passive perception of the information to engagement and interaction with the exposition, experts and with each other. Educational programs do not only give new knowledge and skills, but the instruments necessary for critical thinking and creative self-expression.

The mission of the Education department
Help the visitors to deep into the certain cultural issues, think it over and make their own conclusions.

1. Adaptation of information about exhibition projects for different audiences.
We imagine our exhibition project as an iceberg, where the exhibition itself is the upper, visible part and the hidden one consists of the curator’s concept, artist’s idea, cultural and historical context. The educational department has a role of a bridge or a mediator connecting the project and audience. This work we partly do on the stage of project preparation.

2. Creation of communication space for discussion, interaction and development.
It is very important for our visitors to be not only the consumers of information, but get involved in discussion and co-creation, be able to express their position and listen to others.

3. Creation of the content (educational and entertaining).
Entertaining component should not prevail over the educational one, but still its role is very important. Mystetskyi Arsenal is the place where you can enjoy your time.

4. Systematization, preservation and dissemination of knowledge and experience among the professional community.
First of all, the professional community consists of museum workmates and those who work at art and cultural centers.