Educational programsEducational

Educational programs

The artistic arsenal is the flagship Ukrainian cultural institution, which integrates various types of art from its contemporary art, new music and theater to literature and museum activities in its activities.

The Mystetskyi Arsenal mission is to contribute to the modernization of Ukrainian society and Ukraine’s integration into the world context, building on the cultural value potential.

In the projects of the artistic arena, questions are raised and debated, important for society, space for free creation about the future and comprehension of the past is given. The artistic arena serves as a platform for engagement with the world cultural community through joint cultural projects.

The arsenal of art integrates and develops various arts and cultural practices. Integration takes place through directing laboratories, which interact constantly. Thus, different arts are developing and enriching each other, and artistic and professional communities find points of intersection and mutual reinforcement. Currently, the Literary Laboratory operates under the Mystetsky Arsenal.

All Art Arsenal projects have a strong educational component. Arsenal acts as a mediator between professionals and the general public – explains and talks about cultural and social phenomena, their causes and trajectories. It is a platform for education and interaction for diverse audiences: adult visitors, children and adolescents, artists and cultural workers.

Small Art Gallery operates on the territory of the Art Arsenal, which presents the young Ukrainian art as well as chamber projects by leading Ukrainian artists.

Since 2003, Arsenal has become a cultural and artistic institution. Today, in parallel with the exhibitions, the restoration of the premises continues and work is under way to create a modern museum complex that will represent the history of Ukrainian art from antiquity to the present, will host collections of masterpieces from leading world museums and become a powerful center for the development of creative initiatives. The total area of ​​the Arsenal is 60,000 m², currently used from 12,000 to 24,000 m².


Contact person:

Oksana Schur

curator of the literary programs of the Art Arsenal

[email protected]

tel. +38 044 288 52 26