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Cezary Zbierzchowski


Polish writer, author of novels and short stories. A graduate from the Faculty of Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw. Zbierzchowski holds the Nowa Fantastyka award (2013), Nagroda Literacka im. Jerzego Żuławskiego (Literature Award by Jerzhy Zulawski, 2014), SFinks (2014). His stories were published in a number of magazines, including Nowa Fantastyka, Ubik Fantastyka, Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror, as well as Nowe idzie, Bez bohatera, Science Fiction. His debut book is Requiem dla lalek (Requiem for the Dolls, 2008, revised edition in 2013), a collection of stories that take place in an imaginary world of the Ramm city. Zbierzchowski’s landmark story is Holocaust F (2013). He has written a number of new stories since then and is now working on his second novel.
Books in Ukrainian: Holocaust F novel and selected stories will be published as one book in the Amalgama series of Polish fantasy and sci-fi literature (Zhupansky Publishing House).