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Eva Susso


Eva Susso is a Swedish children’s writer and journalist. Eva is known for her works in children’s and adolescent literature. She participates in a number of educational programs from government and territorial structures.
She was trying art for some years, but when she became a mother she began to study literature instead. And after the marriage and two more children she started to write children books. She had written stories early in life and now she found that writing was her real destiny. She debuted as an author in 1995 with the picture book Rita. Since then, she has been a full time author and has written more than 30 books for children and youths, both by herself and in collaboration with other authors and illustrators. For seven years Eva Susso was a member of the Swedish Academy for Children’s books.
Books in Ukrainian: At the Book Arsenal Festival, the author will present a book Everyone Asks Why (publishing house PUBLISHING), written jointly with Anna Höglund. Translation by Julia Yurchuk.