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Piotr Ibrahim Kalwas


Piotr Ibrahim Kalwas is a Polish reporter, prose writer and screenwriter. His texts are published in Gazeta Wyborcza, magazines Polityka and Voyage. Kalwas is the author of the books Salam — about the experience of transition to Islam, Czas — about life in Eritrea (nominated for the Nike Literary Award), Drzwi and Rasa mystica: traktat okolo Indii. He became one of the screenwriters of the film Świata według Kiepskich. In 2010, the first book by Kalwas on Egypt was published under the name Dom. In 2012, after the revolution, his book Tarika appeared as an attempt to comprehend those events. The latest edition by Kalwas — Egipt: Haram, Halal — analyzes the orders of modern Egyptian society and the attempt of a modern European to co-exist with them. This book was also nominated for the Nike Award.

Books in Ukrainian: In 2018, the Choven Publishing House released his book Egipt: Haram, Halal translated into Ukrainian by Les Beley.