AmenitiesFor Visitors


Mystetskyi Arsenal cares for your health and safety!

To prevent the coronavirus COVID-19 spread, we:

  • conduct body temperature control and the use of personal protective equipment (masks) by the institution staff
  • ensure hand sanitizers are available in the exhibition lobby and restrooms
  • conduct body temperature control of the visitors selectively
  • control the use of masks or respirators by the visitors
  • monitor the maintenance of an adequate physical distance between the visitors
  • increase the number of space and surfaces disinfection times during a day

We kindly ask you to comply with these rules and recommendations for your safety!

From October to April you may leave your outerwear, suitcases and umbrella at a cloakroom in the lobby.

Baby changing tables are available in the women’s, men’s and family restrooms. You may get diapers at the reception desk.

Parents with small children may take a stroller at the reception desk. 

Questions / Problems?

If you need help, call us at +380 44 288 52 25 or email  [email protected]