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Katja Brandis


Katja Brandis is a writer and journalist. She studied American, English and German Studies. Katja Brandis has been writing since her childhood and has published numerous novels for young readers including Schatten des dschungels (Jungle Shadows), Vulkanjäger (Hunter of the Volcanoes), as well as a series of Woodwalkers, which was ranked second in the list of bestsellers of the Spiegel magazine. During the work on her novel Freestyler, she accompanied a group of runners in the center of the Olympic training, visited paralympic athletes during their training sessions and learned about the manufacturing of running prostheses.

Books in Ukrainian: During the International Book Arsenal Festival Katja Brandis will present her book Freestyler, which will be published this summer translated by Mariya Ivanytska and Tetyana Suprun (#knigolove publishing house) within the framework of the project of teenagers’ (anti) utopia To the Touch by Goethe-Institut Ukraine.