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Grzegorz Kasdepke


Polish writer of children’s books, script writer and journalist, Kasdepke holds many literature awards, including  Nagroda Literackiej im. Kornela Makuszyńskiego (Kornel Makuszyński Literature Award), Nagroda Edukacja XXI (Education XXI). His books were nominated and awarded IBBY Book of the Year in Poland many times. Kasdepke has authored dozens of bestsellers.
He is justly referred to as the most popular modern writer of children’s books in Poland. He has written books for kids on a variety of topics. Kasdepke seems to have no things that are difficult or uncomfortable to talk about with his young readers. Therefore, his books are so loved by parents because they use them to explain complex things to their kids. Where do children come from? How do you deal with rage, jealousy or sadness? How do you teach manners to kids? How do you tell kids about ancient heroes in a funny way? Grzegorz Kasdepke has all this covered for you in his books.
Books in Ukrainian: Grzegorz Kasdepke’s books published in Ukrainian include Wielka księga uczuc (The Great Book of Feelings, Urbino, 2016); Myths for Kids (Urbino, 2016); Bon czy ton: Savoir-vivre dla dzieci (Bon or Tone: Good Manners for Kids, Urbino, 2016); I Don’t Want to be a Princess (Shkola Publishing House, 2017),  Kacperiada and Kacper z szuflady (Casperiad and Casper from the Closet, Shkola Publishing House, 2016) and others.