NEOsvitnii ArsenalEducational

NEOsvitnii Arsenal

A revolt against the standardized education system and an irresistible desire to renew it formed the basis of the NEOsvitnii Arsenal educational festival.

NEOsvitnii Arsenal is a combination and mutual strengthening of culture and science, art and technology. This is a 4-day quest for children, parents and teachers. It is a festival that seeks to turn education into play and enjoyment, into free thinking and discussion. It is about education that educates the creators of culture, not just its consumers.

In 2020, the festival took place from February 27  to March 1.

The NEOsvitnii Arsenal includes museums, libraries, cultural institutions, science promoters, other institutions and companies with educational programs based on the principle of edutainment (education+entertainment) and related to the main topic of the festival.

The festival presents:

  • interactive program from participants;
  • creative laboratories and master classes;
  • theatrical performances;
  • special art projects;
  • fair of educational games and books.

This year’s focus theme of the festival is Superbrain: left / right hemisphere.

Using the structure of the human brain as a conceptual framework, NEOsvitnii Arsenal creates a diverse, rich and challenging environment. The space of the Mystetskyi Arsenal, like the brain, is divided into right and left parts kind of imaginary hemispheres. In the right activities are dedicated a little more to art and creativity, in the left  science and technology.

During the festival visitors will learn more about brain structure, sleep, learning and developmental processes through games, take part in special programs from Ukrainian museums, see books from around the world, attend justice lessons, create their own stories and revive them with augmented reality, they will design and program robots, learn more about literature, fashion and cinema, test tactile sensations and intuition, learn English, take quests and quizzes create, explore and play.

NEOsvitnii Arsenal 2020. Photo: Oleksandr Popenko