NEOsvitnii ArsenalEducational

NEOsvitnii Arsenal

NEOsvitnii Arsenal encompasses four days of adventure for children, parents and teachers. It is a festival that combines and enhances culture and science, art and technology.

The new format and the title – NEOsvitnii Arsenal – calls to turning education into play and enjoyment, free thinking and discussion. It is about education which nurtures the creators of culture, not just its consumers.

The focus theme of NEOsvitnii Arsenal 2020 is Super Brain: Left/Right Hemisphere. Using the structure and architecture of the human brain as a conceptual framework, NEOsvitnii Arsenal creates a diverse, vibrant and challenging environment. The space that the young brain needs for all-round development.

The festival will feature:
– interactive edutainment program from participants: museums, art and technical studios, libraries, etc;
– creative laboratories and workshops;
– theater performances;
– art projects;
– developmental games and books fair.

NEOsvitnii Arsenal Festival will be held on February 27 – March 1, 2020 at the Mystetskyi Arsenal.