Letters. Fonts&Calligraphy ExhibitionКнижковий Арсенал

Letters. Fonts&Calligraphy Exhibition

Curated by Alla Kalinichenko

Organized by the ArtiYa Calligraphy School

Letters communicate with viewers in book texts, formal messages, laconic signs, artistic posters, and digital communications. They are more than just shapes for defining sounds; they contain the history, culture, manner, and idea of the author. The text creator has a powerful ability to figure out these features in order to accurately choose the font and render the harmonious idea. And it only remains for viewers to just perceive it and get impressions.

So, we invite you to get your impressions of the letters created by contemporary Ukrainian calligraphers and font designers for manuscripts, artworks, interactive installations, calligraphers’ performances, etc. The letters will render the forms of styles, languages, and historical and contemporary fonts that significantly interinfluence and neighbor to each other. 

There is an interactive table for each visitor in the exhibition space. This is a place where one can personally reproduce letters and try calligraphic tools within the workshop program or at any other time. 

The Letters project includes Veronika Chebanyk, Viktoriya and Vitalina Lopukhina, Zakentiy Horobyov, Anna Yehorova, Yevhen Berd, Katya Yatsushek, Vasyl Chebanyk, Nataliya Komyakhova, Kyrylo Tkachov, Oleksandr Mankuta, Nataliya Hut, Yevhen Spizhovyi, Anna Sezon, as well as other masters and students of the calligraphy school.