Dinos Don’t Eat Traffic LightsКнижковий Арсенал

Dinos Don’t Eat Traffic Lights

Curated by Varvara Perekrest

Organized by Projector School

What will happen if illustrators take on urban planning? Urbanists can’t even imagine that such space and coexistence are possible. As illustrators are not limited to the laws of physics, and they are not interested in the architectural general plan. According to them, people (or non-people) can live even with huge dinosaurs in their houses. For if someone doesn’t fit into the smart apartment of a high-rise building, they can bend the walls, add windows, or just add the fourth or twentieth or one hundred and thirty-second dimension.

The graduates and curators of the illustration and graphic design at the Projector School have created this huge city and invite the Book Arsenal Festival visitors for an excursion. More than thirty illustrators and designers joined the project. Reflecting on the theme Neighborhood: An Open Question, the creators depicted their own stories ranging from domestic scenes to more complex emotional and metaphorical situations. The exhibition Dinos Don’t Eat Traffic Lights consists of illustrative modules that are different in style but united in a huge non-existent city with additional elements (roads, bridges, tunnels, and portals). When working on the project, the illustrators did not see each other’s sketches, but they created stories that show how different characters are able to coexist in different spaces.

Exhibition partners: Print24 printing office