The Strangeness of the OtherКнижковий Арсенал

The Strangeness of the Other

The special program of the Club of Creative Philosophy (Oleksandr Komarov)

In Ecce Homo, Nietzsche declared: “The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also to hate his friends.”

This provocative thesis, like most Nietzschean symbols, tends to the infiniteness of interpretations. However, something becomes obvious, that is the philosopher’s claim to overcome the established forms of interpersonal communication. At the time when the maxim of social interaction is reduced to the political and economic interest or mythological superstitions, they ‘philosophize with a hammer’. Are we satisfied with the modern approaches to solving the problems of human existence? Don’t we have to talk about the search for paradigmatic ‘jumps’ in the ways of understanding reality? Are our self-determination capabilities clarified enough? And who is our enemy, if there is any?

The events of this year’s program are devoted to existential and analytical, phenomenological, and psychoanalytical problems in order to revise the established ideas of the human basic situatedness.

Topics include political philosophy, the history of intellectual ideas, the philosophy of values, the translation of philosophical classics, etc.