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Youth council

Mystetskyi Arsenal’s youth council is a group of active teenagers (12-16 years old) who participate in the museum’s activities as volunteers and trainees, curators of their own projects within the scope of educational department work.

The main idea is to give the teenagers the possibility to see the museum institution from inside and be directly involved in its work. We invite them to create educational components of the exhibitions, to work in non-educational space, to volunteer on Book Arsenal festival and the educational festival NEOsvitnii Arsenal.

Among the projects implemented by the Youth council are: author’s excursions in exhibition Kirill Protsenko. Impassioned and Instant time, VR-quest in exhibition Amazing stories of Crimea, exposition of the exhibition Superbrain (based on the works of art school students) within the festival NEOsvitnii Arsenal 2020, theatricalized excursions in exhibition Futuromarennia.

Every time we hold an introductory meeting with a group, adjust the program, taking into consideration teenagers’ interests and wishes. Composition of the Youth council is fluid: every year we conduct a new recruitment. In connection with a large-scale invasion of Russia we paused 2022 recruitment.

You may follow the news about new recruitment to Mystetskyi Arsenal’s Youth council on our website and social networks. If you have questions write to us: [email protected].