Antytvir 2019Educational

Antytvir 2019

For the second time Mystetskyi Arsenal invited students to take part in the contest of Antytvirs. Students of 8-11 grades took part in the contest within the framework of The 9th International Book Arsenal Festival. The applications were accepted till May 15, 2019.

Neighborhood: an open question is the focus-theme of The 9th International Book Arsenal Festival. This is why the students thought about cohabitation, common existence on the base of values and agreements.

Should you get closer to your neighbors? Are there (and do we need) any successful strategies of rallying people who live nearby? Cities — neighbors, districts — neighbors, houses — neighbors? Should we distance or unite? Online-neighborhood — how close do we communicate with virtual neighbors?

Teenagers were offered to think over the theme of neighborhood and choose one of the suggested topics according to one of the works or a free speech:

1. The family of Kaidash
2. Romeo and Juliet
3. Neighbors: myth or reality?

We got 70 works. On May 25 during Book Аrsenal Festival the winners were announced:

1 place — Galyna Jumalieva (Daryna Kaftan)
2 place — Kateryna Muzykantova
3 place — Anastasia Grygir
4 place — Olga Grinko
5 place — Daryna Chupat

Also entered the final:

  • Jylinska Sophia
  • Kasyanchuk Arseniy
  • Kovalenko Veronika
  • Kozyna Tamila
  • Ladychenko Olexandra
  • Lukash Mykyta
  • Melgunova Elvira
  • Nikiforova Anna
  • Nikishev Kirill
  • Partytskiy Vitaliy
  • Pasko Igor
  • Stavenko Anastsia
  • Usachov Daniil
  • Tsykel Yelyzaveta
  • Chelakova Arina
  • Cherevko Diana

You may get acquainted with the works of the finalists following the link.