Libraries of the FutureBook Arsenal

Libraries of the Future

Organized by the Project for Changing Kyiv Public Libraries

The year of 2018 in Kyiv has become a year of public libraries transformation. This year, the reform covers five districts of the capital where libraries are gradually turning into new cultural and informational spaces.

The Mykola Kostomarov Library is the first object that Kyiv will see in the new format as early as at the end of this year. The reformation concerns not only the reconstruction of the building and changes in its interior but also the functionality of the space as a whole. In addition to the walls, the changes relate directly to the work of the library, from the new working hours to the new identity, from the principles of inclusivity to free development programs for children and adolescents, from the expansion of the district library functionality to its enlightening mission throughout the city.

Within the Book Arsenal, excursions inside the new space of the Kostomarov Library will be held, which you will be able to visit without leaving the festival area. All you need is to wear VR-glasses. In addition, you will find out about all available public libraries in different parts of the city and become a member of them if you want to.