Free Literation / Contemporary lettersBook Arsenal

Free Literation / Contemporary letters

Organized by Art & I calligraphy and font school

Art & I calligraphy and font school is hosting the fourth annual exhibition and educational program from Ukrainian and foreign artists at the Book Arsenal. The project reflects the development of modern font design and the art of calligraphy from classics to the trends of the future. The general perception of the function of letters is to transmit information. They accompany virtually all moments in our life. Just think of the endless number of letters gathered on the pages of all books at the Book Arsenal! Yet, do we also realize the more powerful role of letters in their graphic form? When letters reflect not just words, but emotions, moods and style? We will focus on demonstrating and researching these unique possibilities.

The Font Platform on the 1st floor of the Art Arsenal shows that even handwritten calligraphy does not disappear in the digital age. Instead, it turns into an accessible and unique skill when combined with digital technologies. Modern font designs and 3D animation of letters are to be discussed at professional meetings as part of this special program.

In addition to its program part, the project offers a display of new calligraphy on fabric, lettering in materials and video installation works by Ukrainian and foreign artists.

Art & I studio presents the new edition of Ukrainian Calligraphy: Cursive from Veronica Chebanyk and her students, and the updated Living Font catalog from Ukrainian font designers.

Artists involved include Veronica Chebanyk, Taras Makar, Kyrylo tkachov, Zakentiy Horobiov, Viktoria and Vitalina Lophukhina, Andriy Shevchenko, Natalia Komiakhova, Misha Katz and others.