Buravchyk’s RulesBook Arsenal

Buravchyk’s Rules

Art Studio Aza Nizi Maza

Curated by Borys Filonenko and Mykola Kolomiets

Within the exhibition program of the VIII International Book Arsenal Festival, Aza Nizi Maza will present the project Buravchyk’s Rules, which became the answer to the general theme of the event The Project of the Future. In order to speak about the futurity, artists suggest not to hurry with the predictions. Aza Nizi Maza speaks of the need for today’s production of principles, using which you can “bore” the path to a better, more interesting, more full life. The name of the project is a word play, combining productive “creative boring” in the direction of the future, the right-hand rule (the rule of determining the direction of the magnetic induction vector in electrical engineering; Buravchyk’s Rule in Ukrainian), as well as the surname of the author of the list of contemporary art’s fundamental rules — Myroslav Buravchyk.

Aza Nizi Maza is an art studio founded in 2011 by Mykola and Mariia Kolomiiets in Kharkiv. While working with students, the teachers of the studio move from discussing an idea to creating an artwork. On their way, they often appeal to the collective writing of poetic texts, which makes it possible to reveal the characters and saturate their images. One of the principles of Aza Nizi Maza is the desire to get rid of two common extremes: the academic dogma “first learn and then work”, on the one hand, and the notion of incredible performance of creativity without restrictions, on the other. In the studio the artists immediately immerse themselves in work, developing their own capabilities and distinctiveness of the expression.

Photo-Katia Makarova