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Coming Soon. Pictoric

Illustrative focus on the theme of this year’s Book Arsenal was made by artists from Pictoric Illustrators Сlub. The world of the future created in the imagination of illustrators — how close will it be to reality? From the creators of Futurama to modern art exhibitions with VR technologies — artists around the world are already projecting the future in images, dreaming and visualizing the most daring ideas. In illustrative posters by Pictoric, artists tell their stories about the future and create optimistic, satirical, utopian inspirational works. The illustrators’ appeal to futuristic theme in a separate project is not new. As early as the end of the 19th century, French artists of the En L’An 2000 project (The Year of 2000), which arose before the Paris International Exhibition of 1900, predicted what the world would be in the year 2000, and created a series of artworks that later were discovered by Isaac Azimov while he was working on the book Futuredays: A Nineteenth Century Vision of the Year 2000.

Today, Pictoric illustrators are also expanding horizons of human curiosity and depicting feelings in anticipation of future progress. Futuristic works are an impulse to conceive and convey the vision to the broad masses, to provoke ideas in others. After all, progress doesn’t appear as something chaotic, but rather as a result of the efforts made to implement certain ideas. A futuristic series by the Pictoric illustrators club created by artists launches the Ukrainian Visual Odyssey to the year 3000.

Creators of the artworks: Art studio Agrafka, Anna Andreeva, Nadiia Antoniets, Oksana Bula, Yevhen Velichev, Andrii Hetmanchuk, Oleh Hryshchenko, Tetiana Denysenko, Polina Doroshenko, Oksana Drachkovska, Ivan Dudchenko, Anna Ivanenko, Serhii Maidukov, Hrasia Oliiko, Zhenia Polosina, Romana Ruban, Anna Sarvira, Nastia Sleptsova, Yuliia Sobotiuk, Olena Staranchuk, Anastasiia Stefurak, Yuliia Tveritina, Olha Tereshchenko, Olena Tykhoniuk, Illia Uhnivenko, Erik Khoroshok, Tetiana Tsiupka, Anastasiia Sholik, Olha Shtonda, Oleh Shcherba.