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Track List

Created by Julia Fedorovych

Music is art that lasts in time. Music, and in particular the song, is unfolded and perceived in time, which means that it can lead it. And what is time? It is fluid, and music, apparently, is eternal.

We live in time. We leave something in the past, we say goodbye to someone, we want something now, we do something now, we want something to happen later, then in the future. That’s how it is. And that’s how it will be. In the end, the future is only the projection, desirability, anxiety, confidence, anticipation, and expectation.

But something that allows us to remember, recall, leave something with ourselves, in ourselves, that helps us to overcome time is also music, isn’t it? Once having heard a song that would eventually become a favourite and would always be with you, would you be able to forget it? Could you no longer know it in the future? The unique ability to reproduce fragments of the past in the future, the reversibility of the perspective, again-reflexivity of experience — everything is music. But how could you understand music? How could you feel and explain it? How could you interpret it and share with the Other(s)? The ability to grab music, catch a moment, witness it, project it, extrapolate it, and therefore, embody your emotions in something different from music, but just as beautiful. Special magic and suggestibility of music encourage the creativity and create images.

Music and song are always a message, a call for impulse, a signal to the future. At the exhibition Track List by graphic designer and artist Julia Fedorovych, you can see how this message can be displayed visually.

Julia has created a series of collages dedicated to Ukrainian songs of different years and styles. Among the ten tracks visualized by the artist are a song from the new project by Serhiy Zhadan The Mannerheim Line, one of the tracks by DakhaBrakha, Chervona Ruta by Volodymyr Ivasyuk, and even some of the Ukrainian swing of the 60s. The volumetric collages are made of paper, foam cardboard, threads, as well as lyrics, which spread on the canvas sometimes chaotically, and sometimes in a spooky logical snake. That is exactly the way we listen to the songs and remember them — with separate words, phrases, choruses, and those several seconds of compositions, which cause us to feel the apogee for which we listen to the entire track. While contemplating the songs you can at the same time listen to them — for full immersion in the atmosphere it is desirable to bring smartphones with QR-scanners and headphones with you.