NEOsvitnii Arsenal 2021Educational

NEOsvitnii Arsenal 2021

NEOsvitnii Arsenal is the festival for young artists, researchers, which proposes an exciting journey to the world, where science and art interact and become stronger. It is four-days long quest for children, parents and teachers, where education can be opened out through game and enjoyment.

In 2021 the festival lasted from 30 September till 3 October.

NEOsvitnii Arsenal 2021 program

More than fifty participants from all over Ukraine took part in NEOsvitnii Arsenal that year — museums, organizations promoting science and art, publishing houses, board games manufacturers, charity funds, creative studios, theaters and companies, which have educational programs built on the principle of edutainment.

It was presented at the festival: the interactive program from the participants, art workshops and master-classes, spectacles and performances, art projects, fair of educational games and books.

This year focus-theme was Different together. It was an opportunity to discuss coexistence of differences, inclusion in its broadest meaning. Discussion took place through game and art and practices of non-formal education. It was possible and necessary to doubt in the rightness of things, to which we were accustomed to, check the strength of our own beliefs, outstep and even whoop it up. Otherwise breaking the rules and checking the borders also is the way of studying the world. The space of our festival does not have appraisals and judgment. We do not have those who know “the right way”. NEOsvitnii Arsenal gives freedom to choose and make mistakes, walk the path alone or with a skillful teacher-guide.

Journey to the world of diversity had three points: Human, Society and Universe. The participants — museums, schools, organizations and different workshops — helped to pave the way through this world. Each of them told about the interactions — complex, multi-layered, connected on different levels. Interaction constantly happening inside the person: emotions and thoughts, body, spiritual and material desires interact. People interact with one another (in family, with friends, in society, on the country level) and in an external environment. Nature has its own chains of interaction with large and small organisms, entire systems. In such chains human takes its own place, interacting with nature on equal or tries to conquer it.

NEOsvitnii Arsenal suggested playing with all seriousness following common rules, but in own unique manner — play and get intellectual satisfaction, conduct dialogues and learn to be open to various ideas, microscopic and giant worlds.