NEOsvitnii Arsenal 2020Educational

NEOsvitnii Arsenal 2020

The rebellion against a standardized system of education and an irresistible wish to update it were the basis of the educational festival NEOsvitnii Arsenal.

NEOsvitnii Arsenal is the festival, which unites and mutually reinforces culture and science, art and technology. It is a four-days long quest for children, parents and teachers. This is a festival which aims to transform education into a game and satisfaction, into a free (unbound) thinking and discussion. It is about the education that fosters the creators of culture and not only the consumers.

In 2020 the festival lasted from 27 February till 1 March.

The participants of the festival were museums, libraries, cultural institutions and other organizations who have educational programs built on the principle of edutainment.

The festival combined an interactive program from the participants, art workshops and master-classes, spectacles and performances, art projects and a fair of educational games and books.


In 2020 the main topic of the festival was Superbrain: left/right hemisphere.

Using the structure and architecture of human’s brain as a conceptual framework, NEOsvitnii Arsenal created a diverse, rich and challenging environment. Mystetskyi Arsenal’s space, as a brain, was divided into left and right parts — something like imaginary hemispheres. The right one was more devoted to art and creativity, the left — to science and technology.

You can download the festival’s program here.

During the festival visitors learnt more about brain structure, sleep, processes of education and development through the games, took part in the special programs from the Ukrainian museums, saw the books from all over the world, attended justice classes, created their own stories and brought them to life with VR, designed and programed robots, got to know more about literature, fashion and cinema, checked their tactile sensations for intuition, studied English, took quests and quizzes — created, explored and played.