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The Kunsht Popular Science Magazine Program

Organized by the Kunsht magazine team

The universe must not be clear, but we are so eager to cognize it. Why and how did we get here? Are we alone in the universe? What will the development of artificial intelligence, the change of genetic code and space colonial missions result in? The curiosity of the human mind is the force that moves forward and defines the horizon of the future. But won’t we cross the line?

Within the Kunsht Popular Science Magazine Program, there are ongoing attempts to find out how scientists see the future and whether we will become a threat to ourselves. While drinking oxygen cocktails, the visitors will have an opportunity to talk to Ukrainian researchers and receive answers to their questions; learn to defend themselves from pseudoscientific manipulations; find out who makes science interesting in Ukraine and why, and observe how it is combined with art. In addition to presentations of the popular science non-fiction, you can taste the future as well: vegan-Martian food, ice-cream from liquid nitrogen and robots as waiters – all this in a unique culinary project Cafe of the Future.

The popular science magazine Kunsht is all about modern design and texts on how the world is changing. The authors of the publication tell what scientists know about the universe and where their searches are headed to. With each subsequent release, the magazine not only extends the boundaries of the known, but also proves that science, no matter how complex it is, is still not deprived of beauty and creativity.