Cartography of Kyiv ModernismBook Arsenal

Cartography of Kyiv Modernism

Idea and implementation: Pic pic, Mystetskyi Arsenal

Performance artist: Katya Ponomarenko

In the Cartography of Kyiv Modernism project, the Pic pic group focuses on the sound of the objects of Kyiv Soviet architecture of the 70s and 80s. It seems that the buildings and constructions of Kyiv modernism such as Zhytniy Market, Vernadskyi National Library, the UFO building near the Lybidska metro station, and Salut Hotel have their own acoustic plan. It is interesting for the authors of the project to outline this plan and make a walk through each of the selected objects following it.

Kyiv modernism is a unique example of the project of the future that was dreamed of or imagined by previous generations. So, it seems important to save this project in sounding and walking.

Such kind of walks resembles cartography: by trying to understand what is the interdependence between the acoustics of the premises, the spatial location and activity of people in these premises. This is supported by archival sources, interviews with architects and the recording of a modern sound pattern of Kyiv modernism.

This project is an attempt to understand how volume, silence, and noise modes affect human activity, and an example of the ideas of Kyiv modernism can be extremely useful here.

Within the project a mobile app with an acoustic plan of the selected objects will be developed. This application can be used during the walks.

The creative group Pic pic carries out extraordinary walks through popular and not that popular places of Ukraine. Involving outstanding Ukrainian and foreign composers and sound designers the group creates a certain sound environment and the type of a story in which the walk focus is manifested.