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Club of Creative Philosophy program

Curated by Oleksandr Komarov

The key event of this year’s program is the Human vs. Machine discussion. It is focused on comprehending the phenomenon of technologization of human being, and the subsequent challenges and prospects. In 2017, for the first time in human history, humanoid Sofia got a citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Politicians in Western countries speak more often in their election campaigns about the concept of guaranteed basic income as they predict most professions to be replaced by automated labor in the future. A private American company is sending its spacecrafts into the Space, while blockchain aims to replace the state in finance and justice.

Werner Heisenberg, the laureate of the 1932 Nobel Prize in physics, said that “Modern science does not explain the world but it does allow us to master it.” Is the progress of science and technology helping us solve the most fundamental questions that have been bothering humanity since its early days? What does it mean to be a human? And How should this (being a human) occur?

Other themes of this year’s program include philosophy and technology, philosophical culture, metaphysics of power, literature as philosophy, translation of classical philosophy and more. Every event in the program is autonomous, yet it looks at a certain aspect of modern philosophy and provokes people to reflect on their experience in a non-standard way.

The Club of creative philosophy is a cycle of panel discussions, public debates, presentations of new works by Ukrainian philosophers, and a construction of direct dialogue with the audience on the topics presented. Events in the program are intellectual performances that do not claim to present universal ideologemes while help raise new questions and look for unexpected answers. Top Ukrainian thinkers, academics, writers, professional translators and commentators of classical philosophy take part in the events.