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Meeting Tukoni

Mystetskyi Arsenal, New Cave Media

Story and illustrations by Oksana Bula

Supported by Lucky Books and Old Lion Publishing

Together with social changes and the development of digital technologies, a great shift appeared in modern reading practices. Today authors can tell their stories not only through the pages of paper books, but also with other media.

The project Meeting Tukoni is a combination of virtual reality with 360° video, animation and classical book illustration. Putting on Google Cardboard VR glasses, visitors find themselves inside the book itself and hence in the magic world of Tukoni created by the illustrator Oksana Bula. This approach to the story lets expand the common ways of perception, find yourself into the real forest and meet the real characters. However, there is more to come — the project invites the reader to become an active participant of the story. But how exactly? The only thing you need to do is to put on the glasses…

Tukoni are the forest inhabitants. Each of them is different, but at the same time they are united by friendship and love for nature and the world they live in. Tukoni take care of plants and animals, and this is their favorite thing to do.