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Dorje Batuu


Dorje Batuu (Andriy Vasyliev) is a Ukrainian writer of Buryat-Mongolian origin. He is a US citizen and author of books Francesca. The Queen of Trajectories and Francesca. The officer's token's winner.

Born and raised in Buryatia, he graduated from Buryat State University. Education is a historian-Orientalist, specialist in the history of China. In 2002, he moved to live in Ukraine. Worked as a television journalist on national channels 1+1 and Inter. Moving to the United States, he worked as a correspondent for TSN and Voice of America, a member of the UN Media Corps. Currently, he corrects the trajectory and controls the flights of spacecraft and satellites in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Batuu writes his blog on his Facebook page where he shares stories from NASA.

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