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Derek Brazell

United Kingdom

Derek Brazell is a projects manager for Association of Illustrators, Publisher of Varoom illustration magazine. Up to 2012, he was a Member of the Creator's Council for Design and Artists Collecting Society, as well as a Director of visual arts on the British Copyright Council Board. As a writer, he has made frequent contributions to Varoom illustration magazine and online reviews, including an interview with bestselling author, Audrey Niffenegger. Now he is a Contributing Editor for Varoom on Reportage. He is also a freelance illustrator.

The ArtHuss publishing house has released two of his books in Ukrainian: Understanding Illustration and Becoming a Successful Illustrator. The first one co-authored with Jo Davies investigates how illustration communicates through reference to 36 specific projects. Artists featured include Jan Pienkowski, Serge Bloch, Jim Kay, WeBuyYourKids, Sara Fanelli, Nathan Jurevicius, George Hardie, Maira Kalman, Asaf and Tomer Hanuka and Shaun Tan.  

Becoming a Successful Illustrator continues the series and will be presented at the Book Arsenal Festival.

 At the Book Arsenal Festival, Derek Brazell will conduct a workshop and a lecture dedicated to illustration activity together with Jo Davis.

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