Mystetskyi Arsenal presents a collection of electronic editions for the exhibitions, legal and freeAbout Us

Mystetskyi Arsenal presents a collection of electronic editions for the exhibitions, legal and free

The Mystetskyi Arsenal is happy to publish electronic versions of the catalogs created for the exhibitions that have been held at the Mystetskyi Arsenal since 2017.

Such documenting of the exhibitory activity allows to deepen the understanding of each individual exhibition, “to extend the life” of exhibition projects, as well as to become the basis for further research. From now on, 12 editions for the exhibitions are available for free online viewing, including the catalog to the exhibition “Imprint. Ukrainian Printmaking of the XX-XXI Centuries” that was created exclusively in digital format.

The decision to make the catalogs available and free for viewing has been driven by an effort to strengthen the sustainability and uniqueness of Ukrainian art and culture, and to tell a wider audience about them. This seems to be especially important during the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war when Ukrainian culture is under attack and needs support.

Since 2017, all the exhibition projects have been accompanied by editions. The first edition was dedicated to the Festival of Young Ukrainian Artists that took place at the Mystetskyi Arsenal from September 28 to October 29, 2017 in biennial format. And the second catalog, created for the exhibition “Boychukism. Great Style Project”, started a series of catalogs about the exhibitions at the Mystetskyi Arsenal dedicated to the phenomenon of Ukrainian art of the first half of the 20th century.

The collection of electronic editions for the exhibitions includes three conceptual lines:

What is important about these editions is the fact that they are bilingual — the catalogs include full information about the exhibitions in both Ukrainian and English, which allows distribution of electronic versions for international audiences of the Mystetskyi Arsenal.

“Five years ago, we started a series of catalogs for our exhibitions. These are not just huge books on glossy paper that you can give as a present, but rather handy books for reading with analytical and art history texts, illustrated with reproductions and photos of the exhibitions’ space. All of them are different: in terms of layout, design approach, materials used for bookbindings, and paper type.” — Lera Guevska, Art Director of the Mystetskyi Arsenal.

All the catalogs available in electronic format as of June 2022 are free for viewing on the Mystetskyi Arsenal website (section “Publications for exhibition”), as well as on the ISSUU platform. The collection of electronic editions will be expanded and supplemented — please stay tuned.

Printed versions of the exhibition catalogs are always available for purchase in the Mystetskyi Arsenal Museum Shop offline and online.

The collection of electronic editions for the exhibitions was created with the support of the International Relief Fund for Organizations in Culture and Education for the year 2021 of the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Goethe-Institut and other partners:

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