Paraska Plytka-Horytsvit. Overcoming gravityExhibitions

Paraska Plytka-Horytsvit. Overcoming gravity


Paraska Plytka-Horytsvit. Overcoming gravity

Compiled by

Anna Pohribna

Texts by

Kateryna Buchatska, Inga Levi, Olesia Ostrovska-Liuta, Kateryna Radchenko, Natalia Shevchenko

Scientific editing and texts adaptation by

Olga Melnyk, Olenka Onogda

Design and layout

Lera Guevska

Copyediting by

Margaryta Yegorchenko

Proofreading of Ukrainian by

Dmytro Kozak

Translation from Ukrainian into English by

Yuliya Didokha, Dmytro Yankovyi

Proofreading of English by

Khrystyna Kuzmych

Photographies of museum objects by

Oleksandr Popenko

Supervisor of printing

Anna Zatelepa

The publication is dedicated to the figure of Paraska Plytka-Horytsvit — a hutsul painter, folklorist, ethnographer, philosopher and photographer.

She lived a solitary life in the Carpathian village Kryvorivnia and has become one of the cultural symbols of this place and the whole Hutsul region. However, the artist is still little known to the general public. Paraska created her own microcosm existing on the verge of truth and fiction, where reality intertwines with the mystical so closely that they can’t be separated. Her life was a difficult path of trials where Paraska managed to keep trust in people, embrace the philosophy of love, and learn to travel without leaving the village thanks to art.

The book explores the life path of Paraska Plytka-Horytsvit and her creative heritage: books, cutouts, icons, graphic works, photographs.

Organized by: Mystetskyi Arsenal, Ukrainian MIME Center, Agency of regional development of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast.

Public Enterprise
“NACMC “Mystetskyi Arsenal”, Kyiv, 2019

ISBN 978-966-97778-6-7

Published by Public Enterprise “NACMC “Mystetskyi Arsenal”
Testimony of the subject of publishing, series DK #5843 from 07/12/2017

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