Exhibitions’ programsEducational

Exhibitions’ programs

Every exhibition contains not only art objects but a very rich educational program as well. Mystetskyi Arsenal’s educational department’s team elaborates a separate educational program for every exhibition project considering the different ages of our visitors. These are excursions of different formats, classes and quests, workshops and lectures for adults, events for professional audience, guidebooks, interactive zones and participative projects, 3D-tours and audioguides. You can read more about the educational format of the exhibition below.

Mystetskyi (Artistic) Thursdays (lasts for 1 hour) are monthly chamber meetings for slow contemplation and deep discussion of one or two art objects from the exposition. We sit in comfortable puffs and immerse in art together with our visitors. Our guests call this format meditative. The most comfortable participant number is ten, they come by appointment via google form. There is no need to be an expert in art, know anything about artists or exhibitions.

Collages workshops and sketch-meditations (lasts for two hours). Classes for those who want to create but have no much time for art school or drawing courses. After reviewing the exhibition visitors with the invited illustrator work in the collage technique or sketching. Participation — ticket to the class. Organizers give all the materials, but you always can bring some magazines with you if you would like to use pictures from them in the work.

Traditional excursions are still very popular among our visitors. For deeper acquaintance with the exhibition project you may choose among educational events individual or group, curatorial, author’s or thematic excursion, and also adapted one for parents with babies or quest-excursion for kids of 6-12 years old. The formats of excursion may vary depending on the exhibition.