Opening of the 9th International Book Arsenal FestivalExhibitions

Opening of the 9th International Book Arsenal Festival

Opening of the 9th International Book Arsenal Festival

On May 22-26, Mystetskyi Arsenal hosts the 9thInternational Book Arsenal Festival.

We are pleased to invite you to join us at the opening of the 9th International Book Arsenal Festival on May 22nd:
15:00 – Opening of the exhibition
17:00 – Veteran literature at the Book Arsenal. A special project of Mystetskyi Arsenal and veteran writers in partnership with the Ministry of Veteran Affairs of Ukraine. The literature on the current Russian-Ukrainian war written by combatants and volunteers will be presented in a specially equipped military tent in Mystetskyi Arsenal courtyard. 
18:00 – Festival’s opening. Awarding ceremony for the winners of the Best Book Design Contest
19:00 –  Obabich exhibition opening. Supported by ZOiS
19:00 – Discussion: Qirim-Crimea-Qrimea. The Unifying Peninsula. Focus theme Neighborhood: An Open Question
20:00 – rozdIlovI. Poetry / Music  / Visualization—signs of interaction. ArtPole. A unique combination of contemporary poetry, music and visual images, when all senses work together, will be presented within the ArtPole Agency. Its greatest artistic value is the interaction between literature, music, and the visual image which resonates with the focus theme of this year’s Festival. ​​Olia Mykhailiuk, the author of the idea, Serhiy Zhadan, the poet, Alexey Vorsoba, the composer, Tomasz Sikora, Serhiy Piliavets and other project participants will present the performance at the Book Arsenal Festival. Supported by Culture Bridges.

And thousands of books, meetings with Ukrainian and foreign authors, autograph sessions, presentations, special projects and exhibitions, illustrators’ fair and much more.