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Obabich exhibition opening

Obabich exhibition opening

On May 22 at 19:00 the exhibition ‘Obabich’ will be opened at Mystetskyi arsenal
Are there borders of imaginary or physical neighbourship between people? People and place, people and time? Where are they? What do they separate? Are they somewhere near or inside us?
Curator of the project Jerzy Onuch and photographers Viktor Marushchenko and Mark Neville offer us to look at the place and borders of the imaginary or physical neighbourship between people. They record and interpret as the newest Ukrainian history, starting with the incredibly expressive Donbas images of Marushchenko, created more than 15 years ago, as well as the reality of today.

We invite you to your own research and to overcome or to create borders, which are sometimes necessary in the course of unpredictable reality.
From May 22 to June 30, the exhibition ‘Obabich’ is taking place at Mystetskyi Arsenal.
On May 22 at 19:00 the exhibition ‘Obabich’ will be opened.
From May 22 to May 26, entrance to the exhibition with a ticket to the Book Arsenal.

Project Organizers: Mystetskyi Arsenal and Centre for East European and International Studies (Zentrum für Osteuropa und internationale Studien, ZOiS, Berlin)