Arsenal of Ideas – 2015Arsenal of Ideas

Arsenal of Ideas – 2015

27 — 31 May 2015

Festival ARSENAL OF IDEAS is an interdisciplinary educational project for children and adolescents, an interactive exhibition and presentation of new educational trends, projects and programs. The project’s objective is to demonstrate the most effective and progressive developments, various innovative approaches to out-of-school education in Ukraine. Its goal is to open up new opportunities for the development of the younger generation of Ukrainians, to fill the lives of children with positive emotions and inspiration, to shift the focus from the experiences associated with the situation in the country to the joy of creativity, knowledge and gaining new impressions.

The main theme of the festival is the slogan «CREATE A BETTER WORLD!» 

For a few days the festival ARSENAL OF IDEAS will turn the Mystetskyi Arsenal into a noisy platform for exploring the world; and unique atmosphere of the museum within the ancient vaults of the Mystetskyi Arsenal will motivate the development of creative thinking, creativity, friendly and informative family entertainment.


  • Inter-museum project “CITY OF MUSEUMS» – educational programs for children by Ukrainian museums / together with the Ukrainian Center for Museum Development
  • Educational program on the art / master classes, creative workshops, art events by Ukrainian artists, galleries, and educational centers;
  • Exhibition of children’s works from children’s studios;
  • Exhibition of dolls and workshops on creating dolls;
  • The art of creating and history of costume;
  • Sand animation art.


  • Book Fair from children’s publishes;
  • Program of interesting meetings / discussions, poetry readings, presentations of new books;
  • Book master classes and literary activities.


  • Scientific researches – Engineering Lab, RoboLab, EkoLab, Energy Lab;
  • Exhibition and presentation of children’s inventions “The future of Ukraine”;
  • Exhibition «Images of Science» from German research Max-Planck- Society;
  • Hackathon of Youth Design Bureau “Geek Workspace”;
  • Master classes and quests – archeoQuest, geoQuest, meteoritQuest;
  • Robotic space;
  • Programming and art with digital technology.


  • Film program for children and adolescents;
  • Cartoon program and master classes on creating cartoons;
  • Studios / workshops by photographers.


  • Performances by children’s collectives;
  • Master classes on singing, dancing, and mime by centers for children and studios;
  • Training “How to become a DJ” and a disco for children and adolescents.


  • Theater shows;
  • Drama studios / drama, rhetoric, scenography classes;
  • Performances and master classes by shadow theater;
  • Tricks science.