Arsenal of Ideas – 2018Arsenal of Ideas

Arsenal of Ideas – 2018

5-9 квітня у Мистецькому Арсеналі

Arsenal of Ideas is a creative communicative space in the Mystetskyi Arsenal, an annual interdisciplinary festival that in the interactive game format presents the best achievements of new educational trends, projects and programs.

The curators of the festival always set themselves the task of achieving the impossible, therefore, for the past two years ARSENAL IDEAS managed to unite in one space the creativity of children and adults, art, science and innovation, the best educational programs of Ukrainian museums, and realize the most diverse creative special projects.

ARSENAL IDEA 2017, continuing the tradition of brave experimentation, goes to a qualitatively new level of performance.

This time, the main focus of the festival will be 12 workshops dedicated to various types of creative activity. Each studio will have a unique author’s design from a famous architectural studio, and a rush of mysteries and creative tasks will combine workshops into a single whole.

Project organizers

Національний культурно-мистецький та музейний комплекс «Мистецький Арсенал» і Благодійний фонд «Мистецький Арсенал»



Павло Гудімов

Куратор фестивалю

Ольга Вієру

Керівниця фестивалю

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