Arsenal of Ideas – 2018Arsenal of Ideas

Arsenal of Ideas – 2018

September 26-30, Mystetskyi Arsenal

If I Were Something / Someone / Somewhere

Imagine yourself in another body – one of an animal, plant, alien creature, or cyborg with capabilities that surpass those of a human. Imagine yourself as a spirit in the world of dreams or virtual reality. Imagine that you perceive the world primarily through touch or hearing, or through the senses that a human does not yet have. Think about the space around you. How do you interact with it, how do you transform it, and how do you make possible roads and paths through? Try to think about who you are now and who you can be – perhaps an artist creating new forms of communication, or an architect of the Martian cities. Take a step towards the new experience and start creating a new world.

The Educational Festival 2018 «Arsenal of Ideas» “If I Were Something / Someone / Somewhere” is intended to demonstrate the diversity of possible experiences – from bodily to professional ones. The space of the festival will include three main thematic groups: “Body”, “Space” and “Activity”. “Body” embraces both bodily senses and imagination, the world of wildlife and new technologies. “Space” refers to our lives in the city and beyond, orientation in space and its transformation. Various maps and guides, urban studies and spatial games, the principles of sustainable consumption and new architecture – all these things can be seen and explored in this block. “Activity” is focused, but not limited to, cultural activities – there you can try to assume the role of artist, curator, cultural manager, museum and other professions that are dynamically developing nowadays.

One of the key features of the festival is aspiring for inclusiveness, so it is important to present as much activity as possible for children and adults with disabilities and create a united communicational space for all visitors.

Within the framework of the festival will be held The third Forum of New Education. When adults and children speak as equals.

In 2018 the educational festival “Arsenal of Ideas” will be held for the fourth time. Last year, in the course of 5 days, the festival was visited by 9,000 children and adults. The program of the festival is intended for a wide range of visitors: families with children, schoolchildren, professional community, representatives of public and private initiatives, potential investors.

We invite you to participate in the Fourth Interactive Educational Festival “Arsenal of Ideas” in 2018.

To become a member of the Arsenal of Ideas, you need to complete the form by August 23, 2018.


Curators of the project:

Svitlana Tsurkan

Nina Ivanovska

Kateryna Makarova

Kateryna Levchenko


Curator of the Forum of New Education:

Marina Kaftan


Project leader:

Olga Viieru


Project organizers:

Charitable Foundation “Mystetskyi Arsenal”, National Art and Art and Museum Complex “Mystetskyi Arsenal”.


Strategic partners: Ukrainian Center for the Development of Museums, Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.



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