Arsenal of Ideas – 2016Arsenal of Ideas

Arsenal of Ideas – 2016

2nd Interactive Education Festival 1 – 5 June 2016

The Arsenal of Ideas Festival is an interdisciplinary education project for children, teenagers, young people and families. It is an interactive exhibition of new educational trends, projects and programs, which will interest a wide range of specialists in education, science, culture and museums, and community organisations. 

The Arsenal of Ideas Festival aims to demonstrate the most effective, progressive developments in education and a wide range of innovative approaches to extra-curricular education in Ukraine. The Festival will focus thematically on the process of creating, on peace and harmony, and on approaches that help us to make changes in our lives and improve our environment. 

Our country is going through major changes, new values are being developed and there is an awareness that the future lies in the hands of children and young people. Youth itself is the driving force, capable of making qualitative changes.  Innovation in solving global problems starts with innovative education for children, since education is the foundation for creating a harmonious perception of the world and a starting point for the development of personality. The aim of the Festival is to open up new opportunities for the development of a younger generation of Ukrainians, and to fill the lives of children with positive feelings, inspiration, with the joy of creativity and of new discoveries. The Arsenal of Ideas will be able to present a large number of diverse activities and demonstrate the effectiveness of these types of extra-curricular activities in teaching children. It will be interesting not only to general visitors but also to the professional community, who are specialists in educational centers, in museums, community organisers, and to those developing after-school activities in Ukraine. 

During the Festival, the Mystetskyi Arsenal will turn into a colourful noisy playground for discovering the world. The unique surroundings of the museum space, with its ancient vaulted ceilings, will stimulate the development of creative thinking in a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere. The core of the Festival is the permanent Innovative Education Project for children and teenagers in the Mystetskyi Arsenal, For the third year in a row, it is creating a space for stimulating an active approach to creative problem-solving, scientific exploration, research, generating of ideas and all-round development for children and teenagers. 

The Festival will include areas for: