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Sensitivity. Contemporary Ukrainian photography

Sensitivity. Contemporary Ukrainian photography
Мистецький Арсенал
вул. Лаврська, 10-12
Київ, Київська область 01010

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Photography forces us to pay tribute to the transience. Its only constant is the sensitivity of the creator to what could be called the trembling of the world. It is this sensitivity that gives a photograph, otherwise essentially a technical image, its aesthetic and symbolic dimensions. This also preserves photography’s ability to be a medium that is extremely reflective, sensitive to changes in time, trends, technologies, and optics.

Photography’s invasion of the domain of classical fine arts provoked a revolutionary process, redrawing boundaries. The photographic medium is still the most rapidly changing due to its dependence on technological progress, deriving its unique nature from the interaction of sensitive surfaces with the light. In recent decades, much attention has been paid to the polarity between analogue and digital images, film and sensor; dark predictions about the future of photography persisted.

Nevertheless, these fatalistic prophecies have yet to come true — on the contrary, we see a kind of hybridization of traditional analogue photography with rapid digital innovations, a coexistence of aesthetics and approaches inherent in both technologies. Understanding photography has also been complicated by the ever expanding capabilities of the medium as it increasingly depends on digital technology and devices. This is apparent in the seeming infinity and immensity of contemporary photography, and its central role in the technologies of endless reproduction and multiplication. Photography dissolves so literally into mass culture, that sometimes it is difficult to recognize what in front of us is: an art object or a random snapshot.

This exhibition project represents a plurality of methods used within the photographic medium in Ukraine during the last almost three decades. This chronological framing is not random—during this period, photography has become a self-sufficient form in the system of Ukrainian contemporary art. Now, it is important to review this path in its entirety and in detail, in order to reveal the overall picture.

Despite the fact that Sensitivity. Contemporary Ukrainian photography exhibition covers a wide range of authors and phenomena, it does not employ an encyclopedic approach and its emphasis is not on chronology, but on the processes in the medium itself. This allows us to feel, and hopefully comprehend, time over a relatively short duration, using the optics of photography. And that is possible not only by immersing oneself in the context of history, which is full of events and transformations, but also by demonstrating different approaches to the photography itself, revealing the medium-specific collisions that occurred at that time.


  • Curatorial group
    Maksym Gorbatskyi
    Solomia Savchuk
    Oleksandr Soloviov

    Project manager
    Natasha Chychasova
    Yuliіa Vaganova
    Anna Pohribna
    Museum supervision
    Ihor Oksametnyi


    Graphic design
    Lera Guevska
    Alla Sorochan


    Technical director
    Serhii Diptan


    Educational program
    Sofia Riabchuk
    Julia Berdiarova
    Nicole Katenkari
    Kateryna Makarova
    Anastasia Yablonska


    PR-communications coordination
    Tetyana Pushnova
    Maria Gromova
    Dariia Zhdanova
    Sofia Kushch

  • Artists
    Gera Artemova
    Maksym Afanasyev
    Anna Bekerska
    Taras Bychko
    Valentine Bo
    Andrey Boyko
    Mishka Bochkarev
    Andrij Bojarov
    Olena Bulygina
    Anna Voitenko
    Stas Volyazlovsky
    Igor Gaidai
    Oleksandr Glyadelov
    Alena Grom
    Maxim Dondyuk
    Valeriia Dopirchuk
    Andrii Dostliev & Lia Dostlieva
    Olga Drozd
    Yurko Dyachyshyn
    Kyrylo Kovalenko
    Viktor & Sergiy Kochetovy
    Vladyslav Krasnoshchok
    Sasha Kurmaz
    Anastasiya Lazurenko
    Jane Laptiy
    Sergiy Lebedynskyy
    Oleksandr Liapin
    Victor Marushchenko
    Sergey Melnitchenko
    Valeriy Miloserdov
    Borys Mykhailov
    Yevgen Nikiforov
    Rita Ostrovska
    Evgeniy Pavlov
    Mikhail Palinchak
    Misha Pedan
    Victoria Pidust
    Polina Polikarpova
    Viacheslav Poliakov
    Roman Pyatkovka
    Andriy Rachinskiy & Daniil Revkovskyi
    Mykola Ridnyi
    Arsen Savadov
    Julia Savenko
    Sergiy Solonsky
    Yaroslav Solop
    Dmytro Starusiev
    Elena Subach
    Mykola Trokh
    Maryna Frolova
    Nazar Furyk
    Vasyl Tsagolov
    Igor Chekachkov
    Alexander Chekmenev
    Illya Chichkan
    Anton Shebetko
    Ani Zur
    Julie Poly
    Join The Cool
    SOSka group

  • The project is implemented with support of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.


    Project partners
    Artsvit gallery
    M17 Contemporary Art Center
    Ivano-Frankivsk CCA
    International Festival Of Contemporary Photography Odesa Photo Days
    Scherbenko Art Centre
    Grynyov Art Collection
    Museum of Kharkiv School of Photography
    Stedley Art Foundation
    Zenko Foundation

    Private collections
    Yevhen Karas


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    Universal Clinic “Oberig”
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    UA: Ukrainian Radio