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One with the other. Spatial Dialogues

"One with the other. Spatial Dialogues" is a processual project of the Laboratory of Contemporary Art "Mala Gallery of the Mystetskyi Arsenal". It is the result of discussions between the members of the artistic community.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, the Laboratory has begun to collect works about the war by Ukrainian artists — from 2014 till today. Since any archive implies the subjective principle of constructing knowledge, it was important for us to make it inclusive and horizontal, giving authors the opportunity to talk about each other's creative practices. This is how the series of video conversations "One with the other. Conversations about artistic practices" came to be.

We offer artists to continue their reflections in the physical space of the Mala Gallery. The space itself has remained unchanged since February 24 and preserves artefacts from the gallery's last exhibition project — the exhibition "Close" by photographer Taras Bychko. We offer artists to react to those works and texts that remained in the space. In this way, we encourage the participants of the project to rethink their artistic practices and the impact of a full-scale war on them. Each subsequent exhibition of the project will develop already-created dialogues and situations and resonate with previous themes. Participants will leave certain objects from the previous project, creating a polyphony of voices and reflections. The final exhibition project will include three dialogues between the artists.

One with the other. Spatial dialogues. Dreamscape

"One With Each Other. Spatial Dialogues. Dreamscape" is the second exhibition in a series of such dialogues. At the Laboratory of Contemporary Art “Mala Gallery of Mystetskyi Arsenal” he exhibition will be held from December 2 to December 29, 2022.

Dreamscape is a project by architect Elena Orap, graphic designer Dasha Podoltseva, and composer and sound artist Oleksiy Shmurak. The name means a landscape of dreams or daydreams but also refers to the word “escape.” The installation is a metaphorical recreation of a sleeping bag or blanket as a safe space. A small sound speaker is placed inside the structure, from which a soundscape of a surreal, dreamy nature quietly sounds. This musical part of the project is participatory. Authors announced an open call to collect music samples and sounds that, for the last nine months, have helped people in shelters and evacuation. The composer transformed these musical stories into a coherent soundscape with the logic of a dream — with unexpected transitions, meaningless repetitions, and strange lacunae.
Dreamscape space offers an act of collective therapy and reflection, in which memories meet with reflection and care for others and for oneself.

In this exhibition project, Dreamscape builds artistic continuity by resonating with the work of Tamara Turlyun "Spokiynoi Nochi" (Goodnight).

Art collective: Olena Orap, Dasha Podoltseva, Oleksiy Shmurak
Curators: Andrii Myroshnychenko, Nadiia Chervinska, Natasha Chychasova

Technical support: Vasyl Hrubliak, Serhii Zapadnia, Viktor Kharkevych, Olha Kozyrieva, Serhii Diptan
Dreamscape Communication: Vlad Holovko

Organisational support: EASA Ukraine

The project was supported as a result of the open competition (re)connection UA, a pilot project created by the NGO «Museum of Contemporary Art» in partnership with UNESCO and financed by the UNESCO Heritage Emergency Fund.

One with the other. Spatial dialogues. Inga Levi and Tamara Turlyun


"One with the other. Spatial dialogues. Inga Levi and Tamara Turlyun" is the first exhibition in a series of such dialogues. Before the full-scale aggression of Russia, Inga Levi and Tamara Turlyun were planning a small and quiet exposition about the Holosiivskyi district in the residential area of Darnytsia. In winter, in their self-organised artistic space depot12_59, the project "District Ghostology" was supposed to take place. It was meant to tell about urban landscapes and the silent ghosts hiding beneath them. Among the displayed works, a neon pharmacy cross, a unified symbol of the residential areas, was to be. within this project, there was noticeable anxiety and anticipation of what stunned everyone on February 24.

The current expression in the Mala Gallery took shape around the idea of this unmade exhibition, i.e. the fragments of that future that never came. At the same time, it tries to build artistic continuity due to echoing the content that was in the gallery as of the evening of February 23. Shifting doubt, fear, and uncertainty have turned reality into one that is constantly disappearing, but even under the conditions of impossibility, different forms of compassion and new connections are possible.

As Inga says:

"Back then it was hard for me to say what these landscapes with sports grounds in the courtyards of high-rise buildings were about. I observed a certain mystical dimension in the space. It seemed to seep through everything. My colleague coined a perfect word for this phenomenon, this feeling — hauntology. Now, it seems, all the neighbourhoods are awake, and the ghosts are being chased away by the sound of sirens. Air alarm filled everything with itself and took the ghosts’ place. Maybe that's why I'm fascinated by its sound. Everything that was hidden became evident, and halftones went away."

The exhibition "One with each other. Spatial dialogues. Inga Levi and Tamara Turlyun" reveals the commonality of artistic practices of two artists who are also friends. In particular, their togetherness is revealed through their shared experience of making mosaics. It also becomes an extension of their conversation about how to keep making art in spite of everything, how to regain what seems lost, and how to affirm life above unrest, turmoil, and death. The first project of the new exhibition cycle focuses on the authors' efforts to speak about their intimate experiences, to reconnect with the past, which now seems infinitely distant, and to overcome the ghosts that encroach on our inner security.

The first exhibition of the project of the Laboratory of Contemporary Art "Mala Gallery of the Mystetskyi Arsenal" titled "One with each other. Spatial dialogues. Inga Levi and Tamara Turlyun" will last from November 3 to 24, 2022 at the Laboratory of Contemporary Art "Mala Gallery of the Mystetskyi Arsenal" (Kyiv, Lavrska St., 10).

Exhibition participants: Inga Levi and Tamara Turlyun.

Curators of the exhibition: Natasha Chychasova, Andrii Myroshnychenko, and Nadiia Chervinska.

Regarding the unstable security situation, the opening of the exhibition "One with one. Spatial dialogues. Inga Levi and Tamara Turlyun" was postponed to November 3, 2022. The project will last from November 3 to 24. The exhibition was scheduled to open on October 13, 2022, in the Mala Gallery of the Mystetskyi Arsenal.