“My room dissolves into your walls when the sunlight falls”: the new exhibition of “Mala Gallery of Mystetskyi Arsenal”About Us

“My room dissolves into your walls when the sunlight falls”: the new exhibition of “Mala Gallery of Mystetskyi Arsenal”

The Laboratory of Contemporary Art “Mala Gallery of Mystetskyi Arsenal” presents the new exhibition “My room dissolves into your walls when the sunlight falls”. The exhibition will be held from December 21 to January 14, 2024.

“My room dissolves into your walls when the sunlight falls” is the seventh exhibition in a series between artists within the project “One with the other. Spatial dialogues”. Exhibition participants: Dariia Kuzmych and Maryna Makarenko.

In Dariia Kuzmych’s interactive installation time and methods of interactions between objects and the body are intertwined with ephemeral living spaces. Delving into the systems of such interactions form a hybrid space where the Sun is an active co-author.

In Maryna Makarenko’s video work, the idea of ​​the Sun goes on to exist as an impulse for speculative considerations about corporeality, time and histories, personal and collective, real and fictional.

The layering of the Sun’s rays and focus of attention work as reinforcement in fragile structures: body, light, interaction with the Other. Through the layering of common focuses of attention, a co-created space with defined fragments of reliability unfolds.

Maryna Makarenko (b. 1990, Shostka) is a multimedia artist and performer. Currently located in Berlin, where she studied media art at the Berlin University of the Arts. She works with video, performance, sound, and voice, as well as hosts workshops and artistic laboratories that explore the connection between somatic (body) and art. Speculative fantastic narratives in her works echo the social and political processes of contemporaneity. Artist often refers to the phenomenon of transient states: processes and identities that fall into the space of physical non-existence. In this way, she creates parallel etherealities and fictions that do not provide answers but rather raise questions.

Dariia Kuzmych (b. 1991, Kyiv) is a Ukrainian artist. Currently, she lives and works in Kyiv and sometimes in Berlin. After graduating in monumental painting at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv, she completed the master’s program in media art at the Berlin University of Arts. She is working in various techniques and directions, such as installation, textile techniques, drawing, video, and text. A central point that connects these multimedia practices is the focus on concepts of time, times of transition in a society, and how it impacts an individual. In her current projects, she is engaged with various aspects of experiencing trauma and its impact on the perception of time.

Open hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 12:00—19:00.
Free admission

❗️We care about everyone’s safety, so in case of an air raid alert, the exhibition will be closed. At this time, you can go to the nearest shelter. The exhibition will start working after the end of an air raid alert.