Music program by Next Sound FestivalBook Arsenal

Music program by Next Sound Festival

Curated by Andriy Kyrychenko

Next Sound is a festival working since 2013 to promote the development of diverse digital art in combination with progressive and experimental music, and deliver a profound transformation in the way the audience perceives Ukrainian and international music scenes. The emergence of Next Sound as a special phenomenon in the cultural formation of today’s Ukraine was provoked by the overflow of pop in the media space, and the need to remind people of the freedom of thought and freedom of choice. Next Sound does not position itself as a marginal or elitist event. It is rather a way to feel music, with cliches dropped and new astonishing experience discovered.

We appreciate the opportunity to deconstruct the image of the audial world by questioning our assumptions on what music is and what it should be. As this year’s Book Arsenal focuses on the future and the way people see it, on technology and the ways in which societies integrate with it, we discuss the idea of just one of the possible scenarios for the development of music, or — more precisely — of music creativity. The first development that can be predicted is maximum involvement of all sensory organs. We will not simply use audio-visual concerts to get a full presence effect. The artist will be able to transmit tactile sensation, fragrances, feeling cold or warm, and others, and to play with them.

The second development will be the interactive nature of a piece of art. It will include the ability of the audience to control any given movement in that piece of art, as well as some adjustability of it to the current emotional state of the person. It will read emotions on one’s face, his or her posture and body type, and analyze any Big Data details the person will be willing to share with the piece of art which will in fact be able to qualify as an individual being more than it can now.

The natural urge to get new experiences is already generating a narrative of high-tech development that embraces all innovations from the minute they appear. Soon enough, the art scene may see a clash for superiority between humans and AI. But isn’t it amazing to be on this verge of the progressive search?

The gradual widening of the limits of self-understanding by reflecting them in technological algorithms will allow us to delve into the gates of the future, to find new answers and to reflect on the interpretation of the beautiful — music being one of the most perfect forms of the beautiful.

The festival guests include Gangpol and Mit (FR) — a music and graphic duet that generates a cartoon world inhabited by noisy geometrical creatures. An audiovisual bestiary that evolves in wonder lands where, behind the aspect of a technicolor frenzy and of DIY entertainment, an absurd and apocalyptic dimension often appears. For more than fifteen years now, G&M have launched or contributed to numerous multimedia projects, including their own virtual band’s live performances (The 1000 People band), interactive wooden sculptures (La Boîte), audiovisual concerts for adults (Kuala Lumpen French Institute), or children (Carton Park), or web-radio for children (Radio Minus), driven by a certain ability to address any kind of audience. Involved on both local and international level, the band has been touring its AV live show in many countries all over Europe, Asia, South America and beyond.

The French-German trio Dictaphone will surprise the audience with its mesmerizingly cool jazz slow motion beats, analog notes, hypnotic rhythms and refined electronics, impressing  through constant improvement in every performance literally in front of the audience. Over the two decades of its existence, Dictaphone has played in over 20 countries and festivals such as Mutek, Transmediale, Unsound, Benicassim and others.

Another guest, Stefan Juster (Jung An Tagen (AT)), will speak to the audience with fairly abstract electronic music, a mix of purist club sounds with the rapidly nearing future. In his performances, the artist is closely linked to specific visual grammar and works with video art, among other things, even if his performances are mostly about sound. In the past, Stefan Juster mostly performed with various bands and personal monikers at labels, such as NotNotFun, Blackest Rainbow, 100% Silk, or at his own SF Broadcasts. Jung An Tagen helps feel energy illusion loops with countless exciting impulses and fractal patterns. It’s a sort of minimalistic rabbit hole that sprinkles the energy of dance. It’s what captivates the spirit.

The array of sounds in the program will be complemented by Ukraine’s own avant-garde performers whose presence will enhance full integration of mental codes, the merger of tastes and the most open exchange in the audience. Next Sound residents are ready to show the rapid evolution of music environment in Ukraine.